Trophy dreams come true at McFarland Creek.

Hunting at McFarland Creek Outdoors

At McFarland Creek Outdoors we’ve been making dreams come true since 1998 for hunters who have only imagined bagging the trophy of a lifetime. Not only have we developed an outstanding bloodline of whitetail deer, we have the environment, the know-how and the experienced guides you need for an unforgettable hunt.

Hunters may schedule a Whitetail Deer Hunt at any time. Pricing for the three-day hunt conducted on 100 acres is based on class from 100-209+. Included is a guaranteed trophy plus comfortable lodging, hearty meals and a shoulder mount that you’ll be proud to display.

TROPHIES – if you’re a whitetail deer hunter, that’s the name of the game. Putting meat in the freezer is always rewarding, but let’s face it, when all’s said and done, we’re after the big boys. We’re after a prize that will be seen and talked about for years to come. At McFarland Creek Outdoors, that’s what it’s all about. Here, you’ll find whitetail ranch hunting at its best. Our goal is to help you have a memorable hunting trip, possibly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Jeff Hatcher

Manager, McFarland Creek Outdoors

McFarland Creek Outdoors is situated along McFarland Creek in Kentucky on thousands of acres of farmland and woodland.

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