Whitetail Hunting

You have our guarantee that you will take home the trophy of a lifetime when you hunt our fenced preserve at McFarland Creek Outdoors.

You may hunt with bow, crossbow, muzzleloader or gun. There’s no need to purchase a hunting license for the guaranteed hunts.

Reservations are required with a $250 non-refundable deposit. Call our manager, Jeff Hatcher, at 931-397-5293 or email Jeff at hatcher595@gmail.com to make arrangements for a memorable and successful trip to McFarland Creek Outdoors.

For the past several years our owner, Shane Smith, and our staff have mixed selective breeding and genetics with the already strong bloodline to produce a prize herd.

Jeff Hatcher

Manager, McFarland Creek Outdoors

A shoulder mount for your kill is included. You may choose a shoulder mount or a European mount. Jeff will facilitate the taxidermy services and make arrangements with you for delivery of your mount.

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Acres for Breeding Superior Whitetail Deer